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Slate Roof Cleaning in Sumrall, Mississippi

Slate Roof Cleaning in Sumrall, Mississippi

This 4108 SF Footprint 2-story home in Sumrall, Mississippi was in dire need of soft washing for its slate roof. Renu Krew came highly recommended by a local roofing contractor in Sumrall, Mississippi. The homeowner reached out to the contractor seeking a solution for the discoloration that had spread across the entire roof. The roofing contractor advised contacting Renu Krew Softwash, known as the local experts for such tasks. Mr. Sam, the homeowner, contacted Renu Krew on May 16th for a free consultation. Upon inspection, thick orange/brown algae was found on the north-facing sides of the roof, while shaded areas exhibited significant discoloration. The project was scheduled for June 2nd. With 2-3 treatments using their proprietary cleaning solution, Renu Krew successfully restored the roof to its original color. The project was completed within 5 hours and stayed within the approved budget.

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Client Review: Thank you! The roof looks great!!
- Sam M

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