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Frequently Asked Pressure Washing Questions - Answered By Renu Krew Softwash

Renu Krew Softwash is committed to meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers, and that includes answering any questions you may have. We've been industry experts for almost three decades and are eager to offer you our expertise and knowledge.

What's The Difference Between Soft Washing And Pressure Washing

Both pressure washing and soft washing are meant to help beautify and protect the exterior of your home. However, pressure washing relies on a highly pressurized water stream for cleaning, which is not suitable for all surfaces. Soft washing uses cleaning solutions to eliminate dirt and a weaker flow of water for rinsing. The latter is a safer but still effective method for areas like roofing and stucco.

What Makes Your Pressure Washing Service Different From A Unit I Can Buy At The Hardware Store?

Deciding to hire pressure washing professionals is always a more suitable option compared to doing the work yourself. For one thing, the equipment we use is professional-grade, which gets better results. However, even more importantly, we have the skills and experience to provide exterior cleaning without the risk of property damage or personal injury. You won't save enough money to justify doing the work yourself or taking unnecessary risks.

Can I Use Hard Pressure To Clean My Entire Home?

The best approach to cleaning the outside of your house is not to use the same method for every surface. The exterior of your home consists of different components and materials. Using the same harsh cleaning technique for your softwood fence as you would your concrete doesn't make sense. When interviewing candidates for your power washing, make it a point to ask how they clean various surfaces and avoid contractors who use pressure washing for all of your exteriors.

How Often Should I Consider Cleaning My Home's Exterior Surfaces?

On average, homeowners can get away with professional cleaning for the outside of their home every 2-3 years. However, this depends on circumstances such as the weather that year and the amount of shade your home gets. Once a year is ideal if you want to avoid the growth of contaminants like algae. Also, if you're planning to paint the siding or stain the deck, you'll need to schedule soft washing or pressure washing.

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