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Metal Roof Cleaning in Summit, MS

Renu Krew Softwash was contracted to clean this 5 year old painted metal roof. This was one of our recent projects in Summit, Mississippi - We started this project at 8 am and finished around 10:30am. Renu Krew has the tools and experience to clean almost any large structure. The job scope on this project included a house wash along with gutter brightening/cleaning.

Metal Roof Cleaning Gallery

Client Review: WOW just plain WOW! Outstanding communication from initial contact to job completion (and I expect beyond). Our house is 5+ years old and we live in the woods so lots of pollen, birds and general dust and dirt along with some mold/mildew and algal growth on the North side. Jonathan and his Son made our house including the metal roof look brand new. Highly recommend without a second thought. Thank You Renu Krew!
- Guy S.

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